White Winkle has been conceived to meet my needs of bringing dogs to expo perfect also from an aesthetic point of view. No product on the market met my expectations. Therefore I had no choice but to create something new and natural at the same time. Starting from an ancient natural recipe, I engaged myself in experimenting with some of the products indicated in an ancient receipe. Given the nature of the ingredients, I tested various dosages on my dogs, until a definitive, improved formula. This is how White Winkle, for champions and lazy couch potatoes, has been conceived.

After many years of hard work, great efforts, many steps forward and some painful steps backward, I can state without any doubt to have reached the goal I have always pursued. My bulldogs excel in all the most important rings in the world, we’ve been the first kennel to work in ENCI selected breeding project, the first kennel able to release the prestigious red pedigree, the only kennel whose bulldogs get fully tested for all health aspects required by ENCI and CIB plus many others, like the X-ray for the tracheal index, which are crucial to me. Our puppies have filled with joy numerous families all over the world for almost thirty years. My work actually originated from deeply falling in love with this breed, the british bulldog. Suddenly everything turned into an unlimited passion. But love, as everybody knows, is never enough, not even in love itself. To achieve durable results and maintain them in almost thirty years of activity, with yearly constant improvements, I have always been consistent with what i think to be the main goal of my work: a healthy dog fully compliant with the standard. Each time setting new goals to achieve. In the making of this I have always looked at the betters than me, the breeding world excellence, to connect with them, with their skills and knowledge. Henry Ford said, “nothing is particularly difficult if you break it down into small steps”. Every decision I made had always a domino-effect on my litters, making me proud of my work day after day. Passion, mental attitude and enthusiasm have been the very plus indeed to reach the goals I set for myself, whatever the height. I have always relied on me and my breeding project and this strongly contributed to a virtuous circle, result after result. Each litter has been a motivation in itself, but also the achievement of a rational and realistic thought in short, medium and long term goals: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. I took the “risk” carefully avoiding any hazard. Hazard is blind, while a reasoned risk is based on foresight and knowledge. If I could express, with an algebric expression, my work would be:

“Perseverance + Determination + Study = BuckandSons.”

And if perseverance and determination are one one side the peculiar features of my character, on the other is study that gives me the tools to make mine the most titled kennel in Italy, the one that boasts the largest number of champions, the one that won the CRUFTS, and that has climbed, among the other podiums achieved, the highest step in Europe.

Luana Martinini

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