white winkle -prodotto- cosmetico- rughe- bulldog inglesi -cani

White Winkle is the new revolutionary product for dermatological problems of dogs, cats and all pets whose combination of substances favors a whitening of the hair, if the color is not caused by underlying pathologies. White Winkle is not a veterinary medicinal product.

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Directions for use: With the special brush supplied, pick up an abundant amount of powder and place it on the tear drains, in the wrinkle above the nose and in any other area to be treated.

Dab the product, without rubbing and without removing any excess.

Application one or more times a day as needed.

Ingredients: ZnO, polysaccharide carbohydrates amylopectin + amylose, boric trioxide

Warning: Product for topical use, do not ingest, do not inhale, avoid contact with eyes, do not use on wounds or large areas of skin.

Directions for use

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The spatula and sponge have been replaced by a special brush for a more practical and effective application
white winkle -prodotto- cosmetico- rughe- bulldog inglesi -cani