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White Winkle è la soluzione ideale per i problemi dermatologici di tutti gli animali domestici, di  ogni colore e razza. La sua particolare combinazione è frutto di studio e dell’esperienza unica di Luana Martinini il cui allevamento BuckandSons Bulldogs è conosciuto in tutto il mondo per gli standard elevatissimi di qualità e i grandi campioni come BuckandSons Escobar entrati a far parte della storia del bulldog inglese. 

White Winkle

Four reasons among many to try White Winkle, a faithful companion for your animal friends, inimitable because it was born from professionalism and thirty years of experience and unique by Luana Martinini, a passionate breeder who has trod the rings all over the world and achieved the best results in terms of health and beauty of her dogs


A unique story

White Winkle is the result of a unique experience made of passion, professionalism and great results in terms of health and exhibition goals




White Winkle is excellent for the prevention and to assist in the resolution of numerous dermatological problems. Its daily application helps keep the affected areas clean and dry and cosmetically perfect.

White WInkle Ginevra world champion


Dermatological problems

White Winkle is very effective in solving dermatological problems of dogs, cats and all pets such as red tear discharge, malassezia, interdigital cysts, hot spots, acne and many others. It is not a veterinary drug



White Winkle is the inseparable friend of the amateur and professional exhibitor due to its properties   capable of making your four-legged friend perfect for presentation in every ring. He accompanied the prestigious victories of many champions including the legendary BuckandSons Escobar winner of Crufs, World and European Championships

From an ancient veterinary recipe, the revolutionary product for the many dermatological problems of all dogs, cats and pets. It is not a veterinary medicine but the association of substances present in its formula favors a regenerative process of the skin: it has a strong absorbing and astringent power, an emollient effect, natural anti-irritant and antibacterial properties. In a few days of application, the treated areas will be completely dry and free from bad odors


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