White Winkle is the new revolutionary product for skin problems of your dogs, cats and all pets

White Winkle

From an ancient veterinary recipe the revolution in english bulldog cosmetics

Thanks to an ancient, “natural” veterinary recipe used in the last century to treat Malassezia otitis, i did try as well, I decided, on the basis of my acknowledged longterm experience in breeding, to combine some of the mentioned ingredients with some modifications, supplements and dose adjustments, until the current formulation, which has been verified and tested for long time on my many bulldogs in my kennel.
White Winkle’s combination and dose of substances favors a whitening of the coat, if this is not caused by epiphora and underlying diseases. This product is not a veterinary medicine. It is a cosmetic product with strong absorbent and astringent power, an emollient effect, with natural anti-irritant and antibacterial properties. In few days of application, the wrinkle above the nose will be completely dry, bleached, and free of unpleasant odors. Luana Martinini Breeder

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